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  • Kimberly Hall

    Video and free notation download to play Will.I.Am song ~ my big kids will love this!

  • Kira Odell

    Video and free notation download to play Will.I.Am song ~ a little motivation for some of the harder to reach students. AWESOME!!

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3rd Grade Music-Singing Game " Mulberry Bush" (Fairmont Anaheim Hills Campus) - YouTube

silly game to learn names this is great!

Choir student hoedown! This is a fun lesson plan for middle school and high school choir students, especially towards the end of the year when everyone is getting excited for summer!

alison krauss jacobs dream ~ the story at wiki: "The Lost Children of the Alleghenies is a folk story from the Appalachia region of the United States. Joseph and George Cox are known through the Allegheny Mountains as The Lost Children of the Alleghenies. George and Joseph Cox, then aged seven and five respectively disappeared from their home in Pavia on 24 April 1856. Jacob Dibert found the boys after a dream.

A plethora of movements here crossing midlines and tactile stimulation you could use all or some of the gestures... Energizers! - Go Bananas

Watch the notes come to life in this animation of the Bolero. Also some good information about the piece.

Great idea for choir teachers! Helps to get your students to watch you while you conduct!

How History Influences Music - Zoltan Kodaly - YouTube

Strictly Come Dancing: Danny Boy

Awesome Flip, Turn, Slide Dance! Doing this! Even if we don't go over flip, turn, slide... It's just fun!

States AND Capitals song.

**THIS WAS MY CLASSES FAVORITE VIDEO THIS YEAR!! They asked to watch it multiple times...) This group is amazing. I love using these videos as video prompts in music class. The students watch the video and then respond with how they felt, what they liked about it, etc. Then several students share with the class. It is compelling to see what students think about "classical" music (in many cases) that has been "modernized". O Fortuna - ThePianoGuys

Bounce High, Bounce low - uses different words. Can use for steady beat assessment in small group.


"El Costillar" a folk song and game from Chile.

Bounce to the Beat!

A parachute routine to the song "Under The Sea" from the Little Mermaid. Students had to listen to the form.

3rd Grade Music - Drumming to Tideo (Fairmont Anaheim Hills Campus)

Elías Aguirre MAYUMANA - YouTube

rhythm stick math

Sleigh Ride! Body Percussion *TEACHES STEADY BEAT!* YES!!!!! great activity to focus kids. ( anticipate sequences )

Top 10 Youtube videos for Music teachers

"Circus Horses" a great movement activity for fast and slow movements

Welcome to Explania! Watch hundreds of animated explanations, interactive tutorials and instructional videos, and feel free to embed them on your own web pages.

Good beginning of the year activity to get to know students: "Jump in; jump out; turn yourself about. Jump in; jump out; introduce yourself." "My name is ____. (yeah) I love to ______. (yeah) And I'll be ___ing (yeah) for the rest of my life."