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Tricia Young jewelry enamel


Sandra McEwen Enamel Jewelry

Anna Tai | Enamel

Sandra McEwen Enamel Jewelry

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Brooch by Michael Romanik of cloisonné enamel, iolite, silver and gold (2007 Niche award winner)

1957-58 evening dress

Ring | Anna Clark. 'Snowdrift'. Sterling silver and Cloisonne enamel.

Vintage 1950s floral party / prom dress

Stunning coat by Paul Poiret.

19th century shawl

Lily pendant in enamel, diamonds, rubies, and pear

1930s Temple of Luxor dress

Kathryn Osgood is a studio jeweler, enamelist and assistant professor at College of The Albemarle in Manteo, NC. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Maine and her Master of Fine Arts degree from East Carolina University. Her fabricated and enameled jewelry pieces are inspired by botanical forms and the flora and fauna of her coastal North Carolina environment.

Lillian Jones - Enamel Jewelry

(Arts& Crafts) Florence Koehler brooch, circa 1905, Chicago. Sapphire, pearls, emeralds, enamel and gold.

Lillian Jones - Enamel Jewelry, enamel pendant, enamel necklace, blue and green pendant

Mona Szabados- enamel jewelry

Art Deco Hardstone, Diamond and Enamel Brooch

Pin/pendant "Moonlit Bamboo", Enamel, 18k, 22k gold - By Larissa Enamels