Schöne wilde Pferde in Island

A herd of Icelandic horses runs across the country’s highlands in this National Geographic Photo of the Day from our Your Shot community.


Haflinger horses, grazing in their native habitat in the Tyrolean Alps. By Darko Geršak.

Amazing Photographs of Horses | 20+ pictures | Most Beautiful Pages

We've seen animal photography here at Abduzeedo before, but only a few are as stunning as these pictures of horses by photographer Wojtek Kwiatkowski. The beauty of these really fit the strength of these beautiful animals.

2016-06-02 00_40_47-Er gilt als das schönste Pferd der Welt_ Seine Eleganz ist unbeschreiblich - Kli

Drawing comparisons: 'It's like someone crossed a horse with the hunky lead from a romance novel,' Boredom Therapy wrote

western cowboys | Welcome To Country- And Western-Line Dance

When I think about the Wild West my first thoughts are cowboys and Indians. Cowboys out on the range, gathering cattle, mending fences.

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