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    Harry Potter: The Official Coloring Book #1 by Scholastic

    Wizard schools are dangerous y'all!

    awww what if Dudley had a magical kid and him and Harry grow up to be friends?

    Losing Teddy Lupin at the store

    Even though he is half-giant,Hagrid is the sweetest most loving person in the HP books! Tragic life: as a CHILD, he was blamed for a crime he didn’t commit because he looked brutish and dumb compared to Tom Riddle. causing him to miss the rest of his education and being banned from using magic, making him an outsider in the magical world. Hagrid’s love of big, scary monsters isn’t because he’s silly or naive, but because he knows what it’s like to be seen as a monster when it’s not true.

    I want to have this but regular starry night instead of a dark mark (also, maybe with a pesron on a broom in front of the moon?)

    Van gogh Harry potter starry night Decorative cushion Pillow Case

    The Marauders

    Hufflepuff tee by ThisMightHurt

    Harry Potter Marauders under full moon watercolor (sepiad)

    If Harry Potter taught us anything, it's that no one should live in a closet!

    full menu of Harry Potter-themed snacks, and links to other websites with even more recipes.

    Harry Potter quote!

    Homemade Butter Beer

    For all those Hufflepuff haters out there...12 Reasons Why Hufflepuff House Is Actually Badass

    one of my favorite lines from all the HP movie was improvised!

    harry potter world! ♥

    muggle ring

    hogwarts tattoo


    ...s'pose we could get the dark mark as matching harry potter tattoo?

    Right. Like a horcrux.

    another reason this is perfect is because fred died when he was only 20, so he was still in his mischievous part of life while george had to live 60 years without his brother and best friend. So he managed the rest of his life without his brother <----this comment

    Hogwarts homework. Funny.

    Emma, Daniel And Rupert Being Much Like Their Characters, Naturally…