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Russian site about stylish clothing alterations and interior. Can be read in any language via Google translator. #diy #diy fashion #craft #refashion

MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS | HOLLYWOOD s play for rush he has ears thesis a hit song, end of ''actually my names nana' super basic, how great? I'm obsessed with the mess thats america and marina is so cool perez uyou should be pimp[ing prima donna!

♡ "PRIMADONNA" ♡ [Acoustic] | MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS I love her nails in this so pretty!

♡ "HOMEWRECKER" ♡ [Acoustic] | MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS. I am absolutely obsessed. Her voice is so intriguing.

♡ LIES ♡ [Acoustic] | MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS. IN LOVEEE :) The acoustic version is gorgeous. love her!!!!

♡ "STARRING ROLE" ♡ [Acoustic]- Marina and The Diamonds "You're hard to hug, tough to talk to And I never fall asleep, when you're in my bed All you give me is a heartbeat"

Marina and the Diamonds - Hollywood

You wanna kiss in the raain ! Hollywood Marina and the Diamonds

Living Dead - Marina & The Diamonds (with lyrics) || Got bubble wrap around my heart / Waiting for my life to start / But everyday it never comes / Permanently at square one

Marina & the Diamonds - Hollywood

OH NO! - Marina & the Diamonds one of my favorite songs and music videos.