CARL & ELLIE <3 my favorite movie couple, and my role models for my future marriage :) adventurers until the end.

Carl & Ellie (Up) truly one of the saddest Disney movies ever.

every time!

Great Advice.

Toy Story. My FAVORITE Disney/Pixar movie. ♥


One of my very favorite quotes. of my absolutely heartbreaking

Ellie & Karl from Up!

One of the main reasons I love the movie "Up" because of the true love that exists between Carl and Eddie. I always wanted a husband like Carl who loves me for whom I am. Now, I have finally found the husband of my dreams, who married me with his true heart.


rainy days...


This makes me happy.


"i chose you & you chose me" - franki elliot

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Buenos días! Ya mejor...soñé contigo tanto que hasta celos sentí....un día más pero tú junto a mí y yo contigo acompañándote...un beso dulce y un gran abrazo.

It should also be something that's actually romantic! Not a simple dinner and a movie!