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    alcohol seen under a microscope - each kind looks different - vivid beautiful abstract art - who knew!

    Schönheit von Alkohol....

    vodka tonic under a microscope

    Photo of vodka tonic as viewed under a microscope

    This is what a margarita looks like under a microscope.

    Microscope World

    Margarita under a microscope

    Cranberry Vodka Spritzer | 21 Pretty Pink And Red Drinks For Valentine's Day

    Glycine Crystals From Water; Polarization Microscope

    Bird's feather under electron microscope

    Sadatsugu Toboe

    Microscopic world

    Seeds under the microscope

    Strawberry Vodka Lemonade

    microscopic image of the cross section of a sapling.

    Photograph by misanthropyphoto on Etsy

    Vanilla Vodka Chai Tea

    Mushroom electron microscope

    Rafal Olbinski

    Lucas Simões

    You may think that these were small pieces of art...nope just bacteria in petri dishes.