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A friend photo shop the girl in the bottom into some of my prom pictures hahaha nice to see her again

Amen. Also, my immediate assumption is that Santa has had too much cocaine.

Yes--but mainly i just wanted to keep the bottom picture.

Sarcasm is so can express everything from anger to humor...a Handy talent

I wish my house wasn't such a disaster all of the time, but folks won't quit writing books and making cheap wine. Assholes.

The Funniest SomeEcards Of 2012

What's really surprising is how I still manage to be surprised when a guy I like turns out to be a giant douchetard.

You didn't want to give me a reason to stay, so that was my reason to leave.

Why should a guy need a girl any more than a girl needs a guy? It's ridiculous to want a guy to be dependent on you, that's incredibly selfish! Grrrr....

My favorite thing about Kermit…I wish I could make that face