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Harry Flavel House in Astoria, Oregon

Astoria, the first permanent American settlement west of the Rockies, remains a place deeply marked by its history. Locals say there are spirits in the old abandoned buildings. Astoria is also the location where the majority of the 1985 classic The Goonies was filmed.

The 9/11 Teardrop Memorial - I had no clue this poignant memorial existed. It was a gift to America from the country of Russia and is dedicated "To the Struggle Against World Terrorism." It is in Manhattan, NY. Around the base of The Teardrop were the names of all those who died on 9/11 – including 26 Russians. Vladimir Putin was there when construction began and Bill Clinton attended the dedication ceremony in 2006. Since then, it has been forgotten.


History of Delphine Macarty Lalaurie and the Haunted House on Royal Street

History of Delphine Macarty Lalaurie and the Haunted House on Royal Street |

The Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, which is now a bed and breakfast, is claimed to be the most haunted house in the USA. It is the site of a double murder, one of the most famous in US history, claimed ghost sightings and noises. As the house appears today.

Sorrel-Weed House 1841, 6 West Harris St, Savannah. The house was built for Francis Sorrel (1793-1870), a wealthy shipping merchant. It has a reputation for being one of the most haunted buildings in Savannah. People claim to see figures in the windows and hear disembodied voices inside the house. The connecting carriage house behind the main house was said to have housed a female Afican-American slave who was murdered by a member of the family

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1,700-Year-Old Roman Mosaic Discovered During City Sewer Construction Project

A massive, well-preserved 1,700 year-old Roman mosaic was recently unearthed while performing city sewer construction.

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Amityville Horror House on Market for $1.15 Million

Amityville Real Haunted House Before and After Google Image Result for