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    Happiness is a warm butt

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    “Do I even want to know what happened?” | 22 Conversations Every Cat Owner Has Had With Their Pet

    Every night!

    funny cats!

    My cat does this! (Gif)


    Because I'm all about those cats.

    This cat who tried to steal a feather duster but didn't think through the size of the cat door:

    Cat GIF

    other cats!

    What it's like to be a cat owner. (Attack Of The Funny Animals – 60 Pics)

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    I am sure this is my cat when I am not around!

    Ninja cat...we call my visitor the "borrower" because it borrows, space, food, and attention -usually from the dog at 3am!: Cats, Animals, Funny Cat, Funny Stuff, Sink, Funnies, Humor

    A cat being a cat