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A must for anyone's bucket list...

ok, I'm weird, but I've always wanted to be a least for a 'lil bit(:

checked this one off... Most people's Bucket Lists make me go, "Hmmmmm..." This is actually on mine. It's just a matter of time til I get there.

already got the basics of sailing down, and I've wanted to do this for a full year. it'd be so much fun!

Me n Larry planned a camping trip soon anyway so I'll be checking this one off...;)

Wonder if they have these at my farmers market ... Update: Done! They do carry it at my market, in the fall. Kind of like melon or kiwi in texture and taste. I bet it's amazing cold on a hot day. I really dig it!

Check! 2.25.12 Went to eat at Oasis in Btown for someone's birthday party & the kid at the end of my table taught me the CORRECT way to use them! :)

Ever since I watched "Friends with Benefits" i have wanted to do this!

Philly Cheesesteaks are one of my FAVORITE things to eat. Probably explains my high cholesterol.