12 Days of Christmas. Christ centered scripture and activity for each day. We are DEFinitely doing this!

Applying five principles to your scripture study can help you not only learn more about the Savior but also become more like Him.

Ever wondered what the Bible has to say about what Christ's church should look like? Read this!

Holy Week - a Christ centered Easter tradition for LDS families

Edible Christmas Nativity scene.

The 25 Days of Christ: Has a scripture and a link to a picture and video for every day in December.

"All I Know About Christmas" calligram by Holly V. Monroe

I know it's not really where it all came from, but great ideas for keeping Christ at the center.

cute Christmas decor

She taught seminary for 13 years. This is an amazing, amazing site on scripture study, scrip mastery..everything to be inspired to study the gospel better

12 Days closer to Christ! Christmas activity for Young Women, Family, Visiting Teachers etc. Super Simple but will strengthen testimonies!

24 Days of putting Christ into Christmas

12 Days of Christmas with scriptures and gospel oriented activities.

The 25 Days of Christ: A New Tradition for a Christ Centered Christmas. DIY ornament kits representing stories and teachings from the life of Christ.

12 Days of Christmas focused on learning about Christ

The 25 Days of Christ: Celebrating a Christ Centered Christmas.

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

101 days of Christmas crafts

25 names of Jesus for 25 days of Christmas ornaments. 1 to hang each day and talk about why we refer to Jesus by that particular name.

Advent Activities

ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas Schedule 2012