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"Killer eyes Dangerous hands.A devastating smile.I just stood there helpless...Watching you happen to me ...Never caring if I came out alive" Poem by N.R.Hart Image: From Atonement by Flickr....

Robbie: "Why are you crying?" Cecilia: "Don't you know?" Robbie: "Yes, I know exactly." • from Atonement (2007), directed by Joe Wright • based on the novel by Ian McEwan

Cecilia Tallis: ... the hospital last week. I just pushed past him. Robbie Turner: Cee, you don't owe me anything. Cecilia Tallis: Robbie didn't you read my letters? Had I been allowed to visit you? Had they let me, every day, I would have been there every day. Robbie Turner: Yes but, if all we have rests on a few moments in a library 3 and a 1/2 years ago then I am not sure, I don't know.. Cecilia Tallis: Robbie, look at me, come back, come back to me. Atonement (2007) #ianmcewan #joewright

Keira Knightley (Cecilia Tallis) & James McAvoy (Robbie Turner) - Atonement (2007) #ianmcewan #joewright

Atonement James McAvoy Amanda Snelson Francesca Eckert-Stone

i dont know how these ladies did it with only letters and no immediate way to communicate... such admiration and respect!

Sometimes you don't realise the fragility of life, until you see someone die. Feel the blood slowly ebb out of them and seep into your shirt, and watch the color fade from their eyes.

Keira Knightley, Atonement, directed by Joe Wright (2007)