Awesome! I hate having to debone those things! XD

It's cool, I'll sit this one out...

Bananas? Oh, long yellow things. That makes everything clear.


Just sat here laughing my head off, so hilarious

The monkey...I died...

Well, that's just sad. Here's some advice: Don't be so needy and desperate, play hard to get!


this is awesome



Some guilt-loving dude with a sharpie. | 26 People That Prove Boredom Breeds Brilliance More funny things:

Wtf! LMAO..

Tumblr humor. doing an ice cream program and this is happening!

A 1st grade school teacher had twenty-six students in her class. She presented each child in her classroom the 1st half of a well-known proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb. These kids are funny.

Hahahahahaha - note the EXTRA Breathe Right the guy on the box is sleeping alone!

I HATE LOATHE spiders. But this made me giggle. I'm shivering from fear but I laughed.

Well then


Wtf am I looking at....?