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OMG!! I can not wait until Delilah is older. Daddy and I will be her zombies and she will be Michonne!

Level of awesomeness: Epic. How many costumes allow parents to make their kid a leash kid and still be the coolest costume ever? This time the parent is on the leash. Your kid ain't a pet but this is a pretty cool costume idea

Femme Bilbo Baggins Cosplay 2014 Costume by- Mimsie Cosplay Photo by- Kaminsky Kandids Photography

Caity Stella Cosplay looks adorable as Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit: There and Back Again! The photos were taken at this year's by Kaminsky Kandids Photography.

Q - Skyfall

Sylar as Q from James Bond: Skyfall A small surprise costume we made! We really enjoyed the movie and the character and Sylar holds a striking resemblan.

ArtStation - Goblin Knight, Mike Azevedo

ArtStation - Goblin Knight, Mike Azevedo

Great shot of Volde Cosplay as Yrel! Just fantastic work at Blizzcon 2014. Photo by Carlos G Photography and Davaan Srey

Great shot of Volde Cosplay as Yrel! Just fantastic work at Blizzcon Photo by Carlos G Photography and Davaan Srey