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{gif} I loved Dean so much in 5x22, he was so brave, never giving up on Sammy, even near the end when he seemed lost. Best. Big Brother. EVER

Swan Song. When I say this scene made me cry, I don't mean a few stray tears -- I mean full on bawling with my dog staring at me like I was nuts. Horrible to watch, but brilliant.

“Calm down? I’m wearing sunglasses at night!! You know who does that? No-talent douche bags! I hate this game! I hate that we’re in a procedural cop show and you want to know, to know why … because I hate procedural cop shows! There’s like 300 of them on television and they’re all the freaking same. It’s, ‘Oh, plane crashed here.’ Oh shut up!” - Dean #Supernatural

#Supernatural in Infographics. I love that someone actually took the time and got all this information. our fandom is insanely dedicated.

Fudge! Gonna have to remember to replace the other word with it. Dean makes is sound so cool and funny and the same time.

Dean, Alone Again ||| Supernatural 5x22 "Swan Song" and 9x09 "Holy Terror" [And again, Cas will be the one to show up first... :') Also, both times, Cas being newly powered/repowered.]

Couldn't have said it better myself!

a transformer wrote that?? Supernatural. I wonder if he knows about Megatron because of Ben?// are you trying to break my heart?!?

[SET OF GIFS] 5x18 Point of No Return, 3x02 The Kids Are Alright, 1x16 Shadow, 5x22 Swan Song, 8x02 What's Up, Tiger Mommy? & 1x01 Pilot.

All this time, I drank you like the cure, when maybe you were the poison.

Every now and then I see a photo like this and I'm reminded of how damn tall Jared is!