ballet feet -- "Mothers, don't let children grow up to be ..." ballet dancers (much worse for the body than cowboys)

converse ballet shoes

Ballet dancer's feet . . . I now sort of understand the inspiration behind Black Swan . . .

more working feet . . . .

Just WOW! dancers

@dancing__memes ballet and dance meme Instagram account

Dancers can appreciate true dancer feet. #realitycheck #feet #ballerina

The feet of a female ballet dancer "Like any profession there is a mark to be left.

truth- Ballerinas will never have beautiful feet ... just one price we pay for beautiful dance!

This is good for drawing


Ballet ♥ #ballet #dance

ballet dancers


ballet dancer with Baroque background.

Those feet!

Beautiful hardworking feet!

"Dancers are the only athletes who aren't allowed to show how much it hurts."


Possible costume for a nutcracker inspired dance.