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    Ancient Greek Goddess polos from Crete 640 BCE Terracotta

    Harpocratic Eros (Exhibited at Louvre Museum) Myrina Ancient Greece Terracotta statuette

    Ancient Greece - 6000-5000 B.C. Steatopygous Idol (George Ortiz, Collection, terracotta)

    An ancient Chinese gilt-bronze lotus, a symbol of purity, perfection and more. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

    Polo players Tang Dynasty Shaanxi or Henan province China 618-907 CE earthenware

    A Rare and Important Life-size Greek Late Archaic or Early Classical Terracotta Head of a Woman Terracotta, Late Archaic or Early Classical, 500-475 B.C.E. Photo by Ancient Art on Flickr

    Lady polo player, Tang dynasty, China

    Polo Player, Tang Dynasty 618-907, China

    * A Phrygian Terracotta Cup, ca. 1200 - 700 BC | Sands of Time Ancient Art

    Ancient Egyptian Greco-Roman figure of Isis-Aphrodite; her calathos/crown has the winged sun disc and horns of Isis.

    The Lekythos is one of the most elegant forms in ancient Greek pottery. The rhythm of the shapes, and the poise of the whole are simply wonderful. The Leyden museum of antiquities has some fine examples. Found this one on Flickr. Terracotta Lekythos (Oil Flask) by unforth, via Flickr

    Chinese Art

    Two girls playing a game called " ephedrismos " that is, throwing a pebble on a stone pile to overturn it. The loser,blindfolded, carries the winner trying to touch the stone . Grace and happiness of gaming in Ancient Greece

    Dress and make-up of Ancient Chinese lady, Tang Dynasty style

    An ancient terracotta, bee-covered skep from Delphi, Greece, home of the Delphic Oracle.

    Terracotta jug Period: Cypro-Classical II Date: ca. 400–323 B.C. Culture: Cypriot Medium: Terracotta

    Goddess | Attic Terracotta figure of a goddess seated on a throne. Painted terracotta figurine; made in Athens about 500 BC. London, The British Museum

    Terracotta amphora with lid (jar) 4th century B.C. - Culture : Greek, Attic -at the Met

    Terracotta jug, ca. 750–600 B.C. Cypriot.

    The Virgin Annunciate After an original by Benedetto da Maiano (Italian, Maiano 1442–1497 Florence) Date: late 15th century Culture: Italian (Florence) Medium: Terracotta, painted