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An ancient Chinese gilt-bronze lotus, a symbol of purity, perfection and more. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Ancient Egyptian Greco-Roman figure of Isis-Aphrodite; her calathos/crown has the winged sun disc and horns of Isis.

A Rare and Important Life-size Greek Late Archaic or Early Classical Terracotta Head of a Woman Terracotta, Late Archaic or Early Classical, 500-475 B.C.E. Photo by Ancient Art on Flickr

Two girls playing a game called " ephedrismos " that is, throwing a pebble on a stone pile to overturn it. The loser,blindfolded, carries the winner trying to touch the stone . Grace and happiness of gaming in Ancient Greece

The Lekythos is one of the most elegant forms in ancient Greek pottery. The rhythm of the shapes, and the poise of the whole are simply wonderful. The Leyden museum of antiquities has some fine examples. Found this one on Flickr. Terracotta Lekythos (Oil Flask) by unforth, via Flickr

Terracotta Amphoriskos (flask) in the form of a bird-man, late 5th century B.C., Greek, Terracotta, black-glaze. #BirdMan

Terracotta one-handled kantharos (drinking cup), ca. 500 B.C. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Rogers Fund, 1963 (63.11.4)