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Classic Monkey Bread with lots of cinnamon sugar and sweet vanilla glaze! Tastes like a bundt pan full of mini cinnamon rolls.


This is a very simple way of preparing a sponge cake. This process is similar to preparing a boxed cake, but avoids the preservatives.

Pie crust edging ideas



dulche de leche apple brioche

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Triple Chocolate Layer Cake.

sprinkle filled cake OMG.

Five recipes for homemade bread.

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Baked Cream Cheese Wontons | No one would ever believe that these crisp, creamy wontons are actually baked, not fried! And they’re so easy to make!

Tia Maria choc cake ( or replace TM with baileys)

Brownie Cookies by pastryaffair, via Flickr

Emergency Small Batch Brownies by cravingchronicles

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