Center of the Universe


True that.

Nap time

Hahahaha 5 deadly terms used by a woman

Very true!


Funny thing, I just got back from the center of the universe...I didn't see you anywhere. +

This is so profound it doesn't even need a comment! haha.

haha. true statement.


so true!

Don't judge me because I sin differently from you. (I love this because we are all sinners--and yet think our own sins less offensive than everyone else's)


If only I could understand it for some people.

Guys, seriously, this is accurate!!! lol

True Story... My kids loose everything and they ask me and I always find it then they laugh and say "I'm silly mommy"

It is so true. for your real sisters or sorority. love this. I think it works with best friends as well. very true.... Need to remind this to my kids in class