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Playing Oregon Trail in the computer lab at school was so boring! -said no child from the 80's... ever.

I'm trying not to care what others think of me except for the people who actually think of me highly/in a good way. It hurts when people who I care about and even people whose opinions I don't care about think badly of me tho :(

from The Berry

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Every night... He tells me he loves his smart phone because it does the math for him, he in turn relays the result of time to me EVERY NIGHT!

from The Polka Dot Chair

Cute Halloween Decorating Ideas

The problem is the songs are always 40 years old or so and it's some middle aged man trying to sing it. :/

from SnorgTees

Back In My Day We Had Nine Planets




story of my life.


It’s a disaster…

So true