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    Awwwww Yeaaaaahh!!

    Good guy Loki.

    *Bursts into laughter*

    Love the look on Loki's face! haha

    "He completely misses the fact that he's Thor's favorite." so much yes

    Loki. Favorite. Scene. Ever.

    Haha, love the look on his face paired with this. Also, I wouldn't be on the coffee table unless I had good reason. You better have proof that sucker's dead.

    Loki is so brilliant, it's mind blowing. He is so far ahead of everyone else. He wins the race before you even find the starting line, he's uncatchable. And when Loki knows what he wants, he will get it. The god of mischief and lies, indeed.

    Marvel Loki Costume Hoodie << that dude isn't wearing pants..

    Thor gets a phone

    Chris Evans ♥


    poor Loki! (Captain America: The Winter Soldier official trailer #2)

    This cracked me up.

    L O V E. Love This!!!!! Avengers meets single ladies. You go, Cap!

    Image for lesson on the Hero's Journey in film--the impact of social and cultural norms/anthropology on our perception of heroes and villains over time. The blurred distinction of good and evil; while even ancient myths have flawed heroes, evil was evil. In more recent years, the "bad guys" are becoming increasingly more appealing.

    So stupid.

    Yeah Barbie.

    Asgardian brothers. . .

    I love everything about Thor and Loki lol #FunnyBrothers #SuperHero #Marvel #Avenger #Thor #ChrisHemsworth #Loki #TomHiddleston #HandsomeGuys #DreamGuys