Awwwww Yeaaaaahh!!

poor Loki! (Captain America: The Winter Soldier official trailer #2)


Love Loki

Thor and Loki

Sad haha

Loki'd!! This won't be funny unless you've seen the Loki'd video.


Loki rocking out (gif).


Avengers stars and their stunt doubles. Ah yes Tom Hiddleston and his Hiddlestones but why isnt that (<) a thing

Loki & HP crossover I FUDGING LOVE IT!!!

He looks so proud of his description of Loki in that last picture


Even gods have to follow traffic laws.


please. I want the story.

Tom Hiddleston/Loki and a How I Met Your Mother reference

No more Thursdays [Thor's Day]. OH MY GOODNES!!!!! ROFL