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    Supplement Time: Timing Is Everything

    • Borden Communications

      Smoothie Boosters. Drinking organic smoothies is good. And, they are good for you. So, we figured we’d put a little inspiration together for you to use, and share, and we encourage you to be open-minded and try as many super foods as possible. Throw a scoop (or two, or three) of the world’s most pure and powerful mineral rich foods into the mix. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

    • Mary Lee

      The secret to good protein powder muffins and pancakes

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    Lean Legs Workout- do 2-3 times through

    Some studies have found a 33-50% improvement in insulin sensitivity after consuming 15-30 grams/day. It also has a “second meal effect” – meaning that if you eat resistant starch with breakfast, it will also lower the blood sugar spike at lunch. Resistant starch has fewer calories than regular starch (2 vs 4 calories per gram). Several commonly consumed foods are high in resistant starch including raw potatoes, cooked & then cooled potatoes, green bananas, various legumes, cashews & raw oats.

    Week 1: Run one minute. Walk 90 seconds. Repeat eight times. Do three times a week. Week 2: Run two minutes. Walk one minute. Repeat seven times. Do three times a week. Week 3: Run three minutes. Walk one minute. Repeat six times. Do three times a week. Week 4: Run five minutes. Walk two minutes. Repeat four times. Do three times a week. Week 5: Run eight minutes. Walk two minutes. Repeat three times. Do three times a week. Week 6: Run twelve minutes. Walk one minute. Repeat th...

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