Some highlights from the Food, Inc. Documentary....this doc was such an eye opener/kinda creepy!

Great documentary!

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10 Foods You Need in Your Diet

Excellent documentary!!

100 days of no processed food recipes.


5 of the Best Brain Food

Iron Food Sources. - Remember to share with your friends. - Visit the Facebook page for more information and free ebook

Printable food and exercise journal! Thought some of you might like this

Metabolism Boosting Foods

Not only is it important to have the correct pre workout meal but to have a post workout meal as well. Help replenish your body with what it needs after working out.

Produce: the Dirty Dozen are the most important foods to buy organic.

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Negative Calorie Foods - A negative calorie food is a food that is purported to require more food energy to be digested than it provides. That is, its thermic effect is greater than its food energy content.

Feeling under the weather? Dig into these foods and drinks to get back into tip-top shape in no-time #sick #wellness #remedies

So...craving homemade apple pie with coconut milk ice cream means I want broccoli?

Food Labeling, and What You Should Know (GMO foods, MSG, and DV%)

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