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  • Brooke Hines

    The hobbits reunite after 10 years and Elijah Wood hasn't aged a bit.

  • Mimi Mukai

    hobbits hangin' out...let's face it, they saved middle earth

  • Lester Kautzer

    The hobbits #Movie Posters|

  • Amanda Nelson

    Return to the Shire: Elijah Wood reunites with his Hobbits to mark the ten-year anniversary of The Lord of the Rings trilogy

  • Y.Hui Tang

    Hobbits, they're looking less fresh faced after 10 years! Return to the Shire: reuniting for the ten-year anniversary of The Lord of the Rings trilogy

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my favorite thing is how he calls him Bombur instead of Steven Hunter<<<That's awesome :)

"Is he a great wizard, or is he more like you?" XD XD XD I love Bilbo.

Meal Schedule for hobbits...and my kind of schedule. haha

There are two sides to life…seems apropos with Costa Rica spring break coming up. I sure am happy about my travel buddy!

A Lord of the Rings reunion. Not how I imagined it.0

I laughed more than I should have at this. Troll Merry and Pippin #lotr

Hobbit-movie haters: listen to my new hero, Mr. Yellow. Who should probably be in a Tolkien nerd-off with Stephen Colbert. I need to read the appendices further before this next hobbit installment!