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Deciding whether to do this or not?! Circular or traditional ceremony setup??

Aww, a wedding in the middle of the woods would be so cool! I love it! Especially if it were in the fall! Then the colors would be absolutely gorgeous and there wouldn't be any bugs. Nobody wants to be itching mosquito bites their entire honeymoon.

By creating your own hashtag on Instagram, guests can upload their own pictures. This way, they can be easily found. It is also a creative and fun way to involve your wedding guests.

I enjoy this. Great composition all around. Maybe would have liked to have seen more of the groom's face as well, but still very awesome.

I fell in love with this wedding after a friend of mine sent me the link. I want to steal all of this fabulous bride's ideas!

outdoor wedding - large pots of flowers would be pretty. We could get some pretty pots and plant them ourselves in April (sunroom) so they'd be full by the end of June....maybe.

I'd love to have a backyard wedding. Only problem is I need a backyard. :P

now that's what i call a picnic! Welcome to the South y'all where we make anything pretty w what we have in any and all times and situations. They used crystal but i've seen sterling silver used on a picnic table at a tailgate party (go to Oxford during football season) so don't act like this is unusual bc it aint at all :) ~Imelda~