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Do you struggle to get your kids to wear their bike helmets? Do you know these key points about fitting and ensuring a bike helmet is correctly positioned on your child's head?

bicycle basket

Super cute kids helmet - Raskullz Brainy Bunny Helmet

Although I'm pretty sure that I no longer know how to ride a bike, I would try again (wearing 8 helmets and using training wheels) just for these bags

wicker basket on a vintage-style bicycle


i don't imagine this on my lovely new bike, although i like it in spirit. i can imagine many a bike ride where coffee and iPhone play a part.

Bike Light

I'm so very getting Miss Young Money a seat like that when she's old enough to ride with me! Much simpler to deal with than a trailer.

Bike Chalk trails...color the streets as you bike!

A tiny planter for your bicycle. Because even our succulents need exercise. #Etsy

seriously cool bike helmets originally seen in lmnop magazine http://store.nutcasestore.com/gen2helmets.html

kids bike helmet

nate? bike chain frame


Shopping: Nutcase cute bike helmets

Noodle Racing - Easy, cheap, and bound to provide hours of fun for anyone!

PLH Bows & Laces Crochet Hat (Infant) available at #Nordstrom

Superhero Toddler Cape by littleshepsters #Kids #Capes #littleshepsters

Pregnancy & Newborn’s May 2013 “Road Trip” article highlights our exclusive Child's Reclining Bike Seat. “Safety is my top priority, so I was reassured to hear that the One Step Ahead Reclining Child’s Bike Seat is one of the few to be safety-crash tested…”