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Creepy Sloth strikes again… This is freaking me the hell out!

This was college!!! I was called a reprobate by my Geology professor because of this kind of stuff. :)

That would be such a great prank to play on a hungover roommate

Twitter / JosephTheFlyGuy: OMG this gave me the fuckin ...doubt this is real but creepy story for you all!

I found the next thing to entertain me - creepy sloth!!

sloth, my daughter Cristina and I have a endearing term for anything so unique, "ugly-cute", it looks so interesting as if there is a story to tell and he's just about to start speaking.

So, here’s the thing… lol! This made me giggle

well fine! you think you know me! "Repin if you're leaning on your left elbow."...guilty!