¡Últimos días de Verano! | Last summer days! #creativerecipes

Fruit carving

fruit cups in sugar cones

Fruits Bouquet

Birthday watermelon!

Watermelon grill!

Great for a beach themed party....Love it! This made me laugh!

How Fun for a 4th of July Picnic ~ Watermelon Krispie Treats

I like watermelon but I love this :)

Fruit Decoration Kit - Fruit Carving Tools | Gardeners.com

A Tea Cup carved from a watermelon filled with fresh fruit and crowned with the most magical FAIRY

Amazing Fruit Animals, pics only but if you know your fruit & veggies think it will work as a guide.

Rainbow Fruit Glass

Arranging Fruit to make it look fabulous!

Fruit Salad

summer party treats

fruit flowers and fruit in a watermelon

cascading fruit displays - Assembly cute for fruit salad and or fruit dip and fruit around the bowls

Cute fruit and veggie platter

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What a great way to cut watermelon for kids! Watermelon sticks, perfect for little hands.