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Yes. Yes it is

false: it is also acceptable at a forensics tournament

DO THIS-Google this is just another reason I love you lol


Oh my gosh! This is so funny. I did it and it could not be any better. You go Chuck Norris.

You can't fix stupid!

Don't thank ME for being nice to you. Thank the Doctor that prescribed me the meds that heep me from beating the Stupid out of you!

Okay, so it's not harry potter vs twilight, but {Peter pan is a billion times better then twilight. @Emily Schoenfeld Simmerock I know you're loving this @Abby Christine Silva Peter wasn't even that creepy about it. He just wanted to hear stories, not creep on girls roughly 90 years younger than him. Also, yes, loving this.

Dear Edward Cullen


"Be honest, if people heard what you are thinking half the time, you be in a mental hospital.