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Happy Full Moon in Leo! Aug 1, 2012 | GoddessLife Blogpost

I will catch a falling star and put it in my pocket, never let it fade away. ✩

I fell in love with this ilustration by Cathy Delanssay a long time ago!

soyouthinkyoucan see // Viktor Paul Mohn Catch a falling star .. ...

When I turned 63 I crossed a threshold - one that previously I had not known of. But I did and now I have entered the age of "grandfatherlyness." Being a biological father or grandfather has nothing to do with the archetypal journey of growing old and passing along what we can before we self-deport to other experiences.

Il y a trois modèle d'étoiles et celles-ci sont répétés pour former un design constant.

Each time we sit still with the restlessness and heat of anger we are tamed and strengthened. -- Pema Chödrön

She wore the cosmos on her feet, danced upon the backs of galaxies and dazzling universes. She traveled where she wished for all she had to do was take a step and there she was. Nothing was too far away and nowhere was a hardship to get to. She never stopped walking and she never turned back.