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DONE: I am lucky that I don't this many times with my parents, my family and now with Paul on our last trip to US we spent time shopping in the Big Apple!!!!! Love it!

See the milky way --- there's a park in the middle of the country where the main attraction is to watch the stars. does anyone know the name??

bucket list: Completed.. but fun to repeat

Emerald Lake and Lodge in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada PinterestBob

What the heck is a fluent sign language? Nevertheless, it'd be great to learn sign language and be able to use it fluently..

Once I have graduated from University, I hope to adopt and raise a puppy. I have always wanted to be able to call a dog mine and get the opportunity to teach it tricks and learn to behave. I also think this would be the first step in learning if I am ready to become a parent!

I actually think I can check this cause Im pretty sure my Dad named stars for us when we were younger! :)