No jellyfish, sharks, or seaweed! World's largest swimming pool - in Chile - 1013 meters long covers 80 acres, its deepest end reaches 115ft and it holds 66 million gallons of water

Victoria Falls ~ The Devils pool! Would you do this?

Georgia Aquarium, largest aquarium in the world. I wanna go!

35 Clearest Waters In The World To Swim In Before You Die

World's largest swimming pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile. It spans 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) long, covering an area of 19 acres (7.7 ha), with a maximum depth of 115 feet (35 m) and holding 66,000,000 US gallons (250,000,000 l; 55,000,000 imp gal) of seawater.

Musical Freeway, Los Angeles, California

Pool Pool Pool

I have got to take a picture like this!

Swimming in Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls in Zambia-Zimbabwe Africa.

Chicago on the Ledge..."Sears Tower" - WOW Bucket List!!!

Largest outdoor pool in the world-in Chile


Shark Tank water slide at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, NV-Awesome

Yellow brick road from abandoned theme park - The Land of Oz

Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

Dream vacation: Bonifacio, Corsica

Marble caves of Chile.

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Cancun, Mexico @Lisa Frank