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I don't have kids which may make this even more hysterical :)

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The perfect cat lady plan: 1. Take pictures of every cat in your neighborhood. 2. Make missing cat posters with the pictures. 3. Get all the cats. Funny cat humor.

Not sure how much longer I have to live.

i saw this a few months ago but apparently it is going viral yet again! This is why I'm more of a cat person.

I can so relate to this. My cat pestered the devil out of me for a couple of days and every time I moved she was right in my face!!! Don't have any idea why she was feeling so needy but she got lots of love for a couple of days then went on about her business. If she hadn't been spayed several years ago, I would have sworn that she was in heat!

Omg! I've seen this picture so many times and I never got why it was funny! Wow I'm so stupid xD

Yet another reason I shouldn't be a mother. I would totally kick the kids ass in any game.

bahaha - I would kill him, but this is so funny!!!!

I just laughed way too hard at this!! Lol

Come on Ladies. Stop judging yourself and each other so much. When you're 93 do you really want to look back and think about how much you hated yourself?