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Tobacco Control and #HIV. #Tobacco use and HIV/AIDS individually and taken together have tremendous health impacts. #Smoking rates of people living with HIV are estimated to be two to three times higher than the national average . There is an increasing body of evidence that smokers living with HIV have an increased #mortality rates than HIV postive non-smokers. This is especially important for populations that are dually effected, such as communities of #color and the #LGBT community.

"Smoking Out a Deadly Threat: Tobacco Use in the LGBT Community", part of our Lung Healthy Disparity series will help to spur individuals and organizations to raise awareness, take action, and reduce the uncommonly high smoking rate among LGBT individuals. http://www.lung.org/press-room/lgbt-report-media-center/

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered •The GLBT estimated rate of smoking is twice that of heterosexuals in similar geographic and socioeconomic circumstances. •Smoking rates among GLBT youth are estimated to be considerably higher (38% to 59%) than rates among heterosexual youth (28% to 35%)

Bob Gordon, our dear friend, and the Project Director of the California LGBT Tobacco Education Partnership, was awarded the community-based leadership award at this year’s 141st Annual American Public Health Association Meeting!

Bitch to Quit helps LGBT smokers kick the habit - 725 - Gay Lesbian Bi Trans News - Windy City Times

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