floating book stage in Bergenz, Austria. so kewwlll

Theater stage in Austria...

Hamburg, Germany

Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Dragon Building in Wat Samphran - Thailand

these eye-popping images will make you exclaim outloud! Pinning so I can finish looking later, I only got to 19, and wow!

Wow - I am definitely going to have to make this a goal - attending the "Opera on the Lake" at Lake Constance in Bregenz, Austria. Holy shit! They build a new floating stage for each opera.

Iceberg Ok so this is not a need to know idea. But I wanted it and had no where else to go. one picture and not wanting to give it it's own.

Climb every mountain. Austria invites you. Vintage travel poster, circa 1934. #austria #travel #poster

Trampoline bridge in Paris

I will have this van/do this someday...

Leigh Lake in Libby, Montana. Beautiful clear water. It looks like she's floating on air....

Chihuly Glass bobbers in Venice, Italy

"full aerial view of the theatre during construction of the set"-andre chenier, opera on the lake floating stage, bregenz opera festival, bregenz, austria

Lake Mcdonald,glacier National Park, montana

The Long Room Trinity of College Library, Dublin, Ireland

Nesso, Italy

Amazing Stage Filled With Gigantic Fairy Tale Books - My Modern Metropolis

Austria, Ski Lodge in the Alps