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  • leslie gorski

    Henna hand tattoo- I love Henna art. It's just so beautiful

  • AnKyy G

    Simple And Easy Mehandi Design

  • Eliza Hutton

    #ArabicMehndi #Designs 2014-2015 was a #culture but now adopted as #fashion in all over the #world. God has #blessed Asia with many things #especially #different types of soils and land. #Mehndi is the most describable thing that we should want to show here. The current craze for #body #painting among the #urban youth has #suddenly revived interest in #mehndidesigns.

  • Glam Girls Artistry

    A beautiful inspiring henna design! Mehndi artist unknown so please if you come across this image and you are or you know the artist please comment below and I will add it to the description! #henna #mehndi #wedding #hennartist #artist #mehndiartist #bridalhenna #bridalmehndi #lovehenna #hennadesign #design #intricate #beautiful

  • mahak birthare

    #Mehendi #henna #tattoo #indian #wedding #lovely #beautiful #not made by me dont know if copyright

  • Isabel Ojeda Centeno

    mehndi design Hand Henna tattoo

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Not quite my cup of tea but I am amazed by the fine details :)

  • rabia brown

    To be honest my hand-shakes someday too, and for this reason I actually do the styles really slowly.

beautiful henna / mehndi - pakistani / indian wedding Check out more desings at: www.mehndiequalsh...

henna - I think Henna style would make a great real tattoo Check out the website to see more

Anyone know who's work this is? This isn't zentangle these are traditional henna fills

  • saleem singh

    I Have been reading and considering setting up in henna from my home

  • Rachel G.

    You should Saleem. It's very popular with all cultures.

  • sara jane

    I highly recommend getting your henna done here-whether it be for a marriage or any other occasion.

  • rabia brown

    To be honest my hand shakes someday too, and because of this i do the designs really slowly.

  • Sally ❤

    How long does henna stay on ?

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Mehndi..... the design work is awesome! The terms Mehndi & henna can be interchanged, but really Mehndi is the use of the henna plant in 'tattooing or dying of the hair'.

Still have a love for all things Eastern thanks to Wasim.l

  • Nancylynn Anderson

    This picture has been one of the most "re pinned" ones I have ever posted/shared. It is unfortunate that someone who does not know me or anything about my life can take my statement above, which was meant with nothing but appreciation for the different cultural traditions I have been fortunate to learn about due to the person and people I been exposed to and loved in my lifetime, and twisted it to something obscene.

  • Nancylynn Anderson

    I have blocked her, which is something I never thought I would have to do on Pinterest, where people seem to be really cool and like to share things that they love, or are interested in with one another. It's sad that someone who wants to be antagonistic and negative feels they have to pick fights on this site.

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Negative Space makes such a dramatic difference

Henna Bee Designs by Henna Bee, via Flickr

  • sara jane

    I continue steadily to exercise, first using a pencil then following-up with all the henna. I wish I could do the styles as easily and beautifully as you.

  • Jessmari Velez

    I love the intricacy in the design

Latest Mehndi Designs 2013 For Girls

I think I'd really like a scarification version of something very similar to this... Stained with some brownish, reddish ink?

Photo and henna design by B.Bubble

  • hugh singh

    I've been into henna

  • hugh singh

    I love how authentic,easy,and wonderful this layout is, and it is completed effortlessly....I can see why you are so jealous!

  • sara jane

    I continue steadily to exercise, first by using a pen then following-up with all the henna. I wish I could do the patterns beautifully and as quickly as you.

  • mellisa johnson

    I continue to exercise, first by using a pencil then following-up with the henna. I wish I could do the styles beautifully and as easily when you.