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  • Raven Haule

    making time for my children.

  • Stephanie DeAgostini

    I'd rather be a good mom than OCD about my house. My children will look back and appreciate time spent with them, not living in a surgical suite!

  • Michelle Thomas

    I need to remember this a little more often, instead of worrying about what the house looks like... This is so true!

  • BT Rhaylynn

    must remember a messy house doesn't bother my children as much as it bothers me, playtime is what's important! messy and dirty are 2 very different things... messy is all right with me!

  • Patricia Martin

    I read a quote "Imagine what your living room will be like in 20 years when all the kids have moved out. No stray socks, board games that weren't quite put away, books that you've read together left on the side table" Imagine how that makes you feel. For me, I realized how lucky I am to be with my kids every day. Chaos and all... I wish I had remembered this more when my children were small... A clean home is good, but happy children are GREAT!!!

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SO true! I have been truly blessed to have had the summer to spend with my grandbabies...God is GREAT!!!

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This is especially for all my Culinary View Peeps! @Lori Pline, @Creela Hamlin, @Suzannah Deneau, and all you others that aren't on Pinterest. =)

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