. #Tattoos

feather side tattoo

Dragonfly tattoo, love the watercolor effect

Up tattoo


best friend tattoos!

Love down the neck tats probably never getting one already got the shoulder blades it'll be too much confusion bt if I could have a re-do......

shading tattoo

#tattoos love love love

Cute tattoo

Couples tattoos

I adore this quote, not only because it's Tolkien, but because it describes me so well! (I wonder if all the people posting this for 'boho' tattoo ideas realize that it's Tolkien? aka the biggest fandom in history? lol) OOOH IDEA: This goes back to the convo I was having with the boys over christmas- I could get this quote tattooed in elvish?? :)



I saw a girl working in the apple store with one of theses, it was pretty sick

World at the bottom of your feet