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    No, not how to fail. How to really prove your smarts. xD

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    • Kendra Moberly

      I honestly laughed so hard. I can't wait to be a teacher just to see the crazy things that kids put!!!

    • Tiffany Bonham

      HAHA! If I were a teacher and these were my students I would probably give them a point or two just for making me laugh!

    • Ashley Hodges

      Hee hee, clever kids. If I was their teacher I would atleast give them a half point for making me giggle

    • Julie Burgess Wyskowski

      Hahahahaaaaaa. It is a good thing that I didn't grow up to be a teacher. I would have given some of these students credit for their answers!

    • Lynda Ingram

      This is why teachers oppose being evaluated on student scores! Although, they would get credit for making me laugh until I cried!

    • Geena Thomas

      Oh man, I wish I could have been a teacher lol. I laughed out loud :D (but the second to last kid seems to have some problems!)

    • Jamie C

      I don't know if I should put this in the board "I'll be a teacher someday..." or "Things that make me laugh." DYING.

    • Shannon Cihocki

      If a student is creative enough to come up with these things then they have the potential to assert themselves. But this is down right funny and I might as a teacher pull them aside to say first how they could do it of they tried and then second how funny their humor is.

    • Casey Willenbrock

      All my high school teacher friends MUST read this over!! funny test answers

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    I'm seriously laughing so hard. The guy with the pug shirt, then the pug face. Thats when I died.

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    if i could get away with it, i would do this just to make myself laugh. -- hilarious.

    Wish I could meet some of these teachers!

    so clever. Don't put too much info on FB peeps

    I love this kid!

    It worries me that I showed these to Brian and he kept saying, "That's a good idea" to about half of them!! Ha! When men lack supervisionā€¦