A little note from the tooth fairy... cute for when reese starts loosing her teeth

This was done by a Grandma - "photo" album for grandson's grad gift. All of the "photos" that were inside, adding up to almost $3,000. ** I WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS and add a picture of the child and a note each time $$ was added (birth, birthdays, lost 1st tooth adding same amount tooth fairy left, etc)!

Free printable Tooth Fairy letter and envelope. I hope I remember I have this in 3-5 years for J... Wow, trying to imagine how many pins I'll have in 3-5 years.

If you write a letter to your child's favorite Disney character they will write back and send an autographed picture. This is the address.

I love this concept and remember having plenty of these kinds of dates with my mama!

mini tooth fairy note and "fairy dust"

Doll house cupboard -@Erin B B B Nash we did this with a book shelf, remember? :)

tooth fairy letter

Take a 2 liter soda bottle, poke holes in it. Attach to a garden hose. Toss over a tree branch and let hang for a kids water sprinkler.

Prarie Moccs – minimoxie

Bedtime passes...cute for stockings...to stay up an extra 15 or 20 minutes. This is cute, Ill have to remember this one day!

Tooth fairy

4 things parents need to remember and NOT do during their toddlers tantrum or fit.

Parents of girls, take note. A small spray bottle with 2 TBSP of fabric softener, the rest water = "Doll Hairspray." Easy method for smoothing and renewing any doll's hair. This is handy to know

Such a cute idea to do for their very first dance recital and you can keep for years! I did one with my baby's going home clothes. Those clothes are now 48, 46 44 yrs. old! Beautiful baby clothes, and so many memories!

Crepe paper the door for Christmas so they have to bust out when they wake up. Santas elves did this to make sure they stayed in their rooms. - I need to remember this in the future!

money origami- Tooth fairy idea?

A hilarious list of things one mom uses when her kids leave their stuff out all over the house. Love her sense of humor about it. Love this idea, I'm going to do it!

Coral and Tusk - mouse tooth fairy pillow

Put the child's graduation year on a large t-shirt. Take a picture each year with same shirt to watch the kid grow into the shirt. So cute, so doing this with my kids.