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  • Melissa O'Brien

    Bear 1: STOP this is a roadblock! Bear 2: We're looking for Goldilocks. She stole some stuff. We want it back. Bear 3: It's only a matter of time till we find her. It's only a matter of time. Boy: I have no Goldilocks here. Girl: Thank god I'm a brunette...

  • Pets on

    "And then you'll turn left at the post office and continue straight until you see the pond on your left." #pawnation #animals #vintage

  • Jonas

    three bears and a car

  • Denise Grant

    WHAT IS THAT, J. CREW? No. I mean, the shirt is, but the sweater’s actually L.L. Bean. REALLY? IT FITS GREAT. NORMALLY THEY’RE KIND OF … I DON’T KNOW, BAGGY? It’s vintage. I got it at an estate sale in Connecticut. VINTAGE IS THE WAY TO GO. NOWADAYS EVERYTHING FALLS APART IN THREE MONTHS NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT COSTS. PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE REALLY SCREWED THE AMERICAN CONSUMER. I BET THIS CAR NEVER BREAKS DOWN. Once every five years I have to replace a belt. You remember those old Maytag commercials? With the repair guy? RIGHT? HE NEVER HAD ANYTHING TO DO BECAUSE THEY NEVER BROKE! WHEN’S THE LAST TIME YOU SAW THAT AS A MARKETING ANGLE? IN THE MAYTAG COMMERCIALS, ACTUALLY. SO 20 YEARS AGO. You guys want to swing by our camp later? We’re making s’mores. YOU BET YOUR ASS. WE LOVE S’MORES.

  • Patrick Jenkins

    There are a lot of things to like about this photo.

  • LeEster Burch

    Yellowstone bears, 1960s...I remember seeing this sort of thing when we took trips while growing up. Five or six kids in the back of a pickup, covered by a camper shell. "Roll up the windows!" my mom would yell.

  • Cathy Gladu

    1963 Yellowstone postcard; Probably dangerous, but I would love this! love that car, too.

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