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    Free General Conference Doodle Book

    to request priesthood line of authority from church go to: tech.lds.org/...

    This mom made a Book of Mormon study guide for her 11 year old. (So fantastic!! Thank you for creating this!)

    Latter-day Apostles Timeline

    Search for skits by title, topic or scripture. If this actually has good ones, I will be forever grateful.

    The Holy Ghost Can Help me- blind fold because you can't see the holy ghost you have to feel it- there are several things you feel & then guess what you are feeling & they are related to how the holy ghost works. (blankey, conch shell, scriptures...)

    Family Feud Mormon Edition by Chris Romney

    Best missionary picture I've ever seen.

    Conference cash to encourage listening to speakers. A nice way to transition from coloring packets for little ones to older kids who can pay more attention but still need the fun.

    Book of Mormon LEGOS!!! We could play this like charades - divide the boys in to teams, pick a story out of a hat, and create it with legos.

    world history, bible history and book of mormon timeline all in one chronological order to compare and learn about the events that took place through history at the same time!

    Comprehensive "Before you go" Checklist.

    Awesome LDS goal board for boys. I'd change it a bit for girls by making a plaque for the temple. I'd also add Faith in God and Duty to God (boys), and Faith in God and YW Recognition (girls).

    Faith In God Jeopardy... Articles Of Faith (this version takes about 1-1/2 hours to play)

    "If you don't have time to pray and read your scriptures, you are busier than God intended you to be."

    Why I choose to dress modestly. modesty quotes, #modesty #modest

    These Book of Mormon study pages will help you get tons out of your scripture study!

    All the Apostles and stories of how the met their wives! This is SUCH a cute website! This picture is of Dieter F. Uchdorf and his wife, Harriet. These stories are so cute!

    Mothers who know. LOVE this talk

    All the Mormonads ever made!

    5 Ways Not to Start a Sacrament Talk (And What to Do Instead)

    Time Out for Women - Perspectives on General Women's Meeting: What I Learned About Whining

    Preparing to serve a mission? Use this infographic to learn how to be ready for your call. oak.ctx.ly/r/25un

    Seek the Treasures of General Conference Printable handout

    Eagle Scout Court of Honor Ideas and Free Printables including an invitation, program cover, cupcake toppers, and decorations. Head over and see the great ideas to help you plan your Eagle Scout Court of Honor. #BSA #Scouting #EagleScout