Rain Barrel for Collecting Rainwater

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Rain barrel. Note spigot on bottom, overflow valve on top. 20 Insanely Clever Gardening Tips And Ideas

Collect and use rainwater | 19 Cheap & Innovative Ways To Green Your Home. Rain barrels yes! @melissawetzel48

homemade Rain-Barrels

rain barrel for the house so we don't have to pay to water the flowers or plants - cool idea

How to Build A Rain Barrel. Every gardener and garden needs a rain barrel. By harvesting rainwater you can cut your bills and water your garden for free. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to build your own rain barrels, and this simple design is perfect for any outdoor space. You can connect your hose straight to it, or fill up a watering can.

How to make a rain barrel for $18 | Greener by the Week

How To Make A Planter From Recycled Plastic Barrel http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/x799 Plastic barrels may be functional, but they aren’t particularly attractive. By recycling them into planters, you can keep them out of landfill and make something unique for your outdoor area.

LOVE this neutral rain barrel!

A rainwater collection system is something I really want to start using. This is a great tutorial on how to install a rainwater collection system!

Put Goldfish in your rain barrels to eat the mosquito larvae. Clever. Plus, fish poop is good for your plants. ;)

How to Winterize a Rain Barrel If you live in an area that gets ice, snow, and/or freezing temperatures in winter, you should add one often overlooked task to your Fall Prepare for Winter Checklist

Rain water harvesting at the Jahaz Mahal, Mandu, India

purples and blue greys - photo, Clive Nichols ERYSIMUM 'BOWLES MAUVE', ARTEMISIA AND SANTOLINA.

How to Harvest Rainwater. Detailed instructions for making a rain barrel and connecting several for a larger water storage capacity.

Reclaimed wood transforms a blue barrel (or ugly plastic pot) into a beautiful planter or patio storage...

Thinking about building your own rain barrel to save on your water bill? Good idea. DIY rain barrels have become an extremely popular way to collect rainwater to keep your garden watered for free. ...

Homestead Survival: How To Make A Rainwater Collection System

How to turn A Wine Barrel Into An Outdoor Sink ? It’s not only a specific utility, but also give your yard more rustic atmosphere. like 表情符 Check tutorial--> http://wonderfuldiy.com/wonderful-diy-outdoor-sink-from-wine-barrel/ #diy #recycling