Matisse - Espagnole au tambourin

Woman Reading - Henri Matisse

Matisse painting of his studio

Lorette with Turban, Yellow Jacket by Henri Matisse

Matisse "La Coiffure"

Henri Matisse (French artist, 1919-1942) The Spaniard 1928

Henri Matisse. Around April 1906 he met Pablo Picasso, who was 12 years younger than Matisse. The two became lifelong friends as well as rivals and are often compared; one key difference between them is that Matisse drew and painted from nature, while Picasso was much more inclined to work from imagination. The subjects painted most frequently by both artists were women and still life, with Matisse more likely to place his figures in fully realized interiors.

Mother and Child - Pablo Picasso


Henri Matisse: Pink Nude Seated, 1935.

Henri Matisse / Interior at Nice / 1919 or 1920 / Oil on canvas / Art Institute of Chicago


Henri Matisse

Yiannis Moralis

Henri Matisse - Flowers, 1907. This is in the permanent collection of SFMoma & it is such a stunning little piece, with a high gloss varnish. I LOVE Matisse.

Salvador Dali - 1925


Umbrellas - Pierre-Auguste Renoir