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Only on Doctor Who.

i want my rose back

i want my rose back

i want my rose back

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19 Things That Will Drive You Crazy If You're A Nerd

When my sis talks about The Doctor, she says "Doctor Who did this or Doctor Who did tht." And when she does,I go insane on the inside and have to explain to her tht he is not called Doctor Who, he is called The Doctor.

Hilarious gif! You will not regret watching it. 11's expression just makes it so much better.


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I want to get a card like this :) its cute...and I love Doctor Who

And thats why I love the old companions - yep can totally see this one. Mini skirts are not the most practical regalia - always wondered if this was part of the change from a gay writer to a hetero one - sexing it up a bit :/


Guess Who just got better…

Guess Who just got better.