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  • Brenda Spencer

    I have some old photos like this of my nana.

  • Michele LovesJoy

    creepy victorian dolls | well be sisters note the hyper creepy pinheaded victorian doll in a ...

  • Cara Shaffer

    sassy Victorian girls and their (as per usual in the Victorian era) terrifyingly freakish doll. No wonder the Victorians were all so morbid. All of their playthings instilled in them a sense of terror and doom.

  • Madison Yeutter

    Victorian girls with a creepy doll--look at the size of the doll's head vs her hands and feet!

  • RaeJ

    Victorian vintage photo of 3 little girls

  • Kandice Dickinson

    ∴ Trios ∴ the three graces, sisters, & groups of 3 in art and vintage photos - girls with dolls

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Ive had better days by Lauren Jaeger Mikalov, via Flickr

As you can see there is a standing post behind the girl. And she is ALIVE! This is not a postmortem photo. There is no such thing as a standing PM photo. Her eyes are painted in. This is because the exposure time was more then 10 minutes and eyelids move thus become blurry on the photo.

A little doll of a girl standing next to her dolly. Big Doll by josefnovak33, via Flickr

A little girl with long pony tails and hair ribbons standing in the street, in front of an open doorway, holds doll. Her dark dress is reminiscent of a sailor's suit with it's double row of buttons and pinstripes. A pointed lace collar makes the style more feminine.

In the Asylum - Dolls of Former Patients. Urbex - abandoned building - urban exploration - urban decay - abandoned hospital

+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ Sweet toddler with her beloved stuffed doggie.

Is this a boy and girl? I'd love to know more about the photo. , ,... ............ ....... ......... ..... .Lots more girl and doll photos here.