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  • Monica Chamberlain

    A great resource for clean book recommendations.

  • Terri Clay

    YA Books Central Blog

  • Mindful Art Studio

    Art therapy ideas, research, and news

  • LiGi

    Great blog for book reviews and deliciously clean reads (for children and adults too!)

  • Jacob Haack

    Love it! Also, check out this great penny stock guide that changed my life!

  • Lava Kafle

    It’s National Family Caregiver Month! Have you Thought About Your Life Choices? November 1, 2012 by Alzheimer's Speaks 2 Votes November is National Family Caregiver month. This is a great time to take a look at your life and not only assess what you do for others, but how and when you do things. More important, what are you doing for yourself? Many times we fall into the role of taking are of others and forget that we still need to take care or ourselves.

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