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  • Nancilee Jeffreys Iozzia

    Atacamite, Copper Chloride Hydroxide. Uses: as a minor ore of copper and as mineral specimens. Atacamite forms in arid climates where copper minerals are exposed to oxidation. The Atacama Desert, in Northern Chile, from where atacamite gets its name, is one of the driest places in the world. Some of these specimens can be quite beautiful, with a combination of blue, green, and red hues. Atacamite is a wonderful and interesting addition to someones collect.

  • Lorena Retamal

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  • Sandra Hammond

    Atacamite - looks like Emerald City..

  • Liv

    Atacamite: it is said to symbolize the many glories that Mother Nature hides in plain sight, awaiting the discerning eye; it is said to protect one against potentially dangerous situations; a stone of self-motivation; provides an optimistic type of energy; can remove energy blockages and completely open the crown chakra and heart chakra, while cleansing and activating them at the same time; it is said to heal the spirit, while providing a soothing energy and bringing a peaceful state of mind

  • Jenny Iverson

    Atacamite (Spain) - This stone is said to aid the immune system and the thymus gland, and is a stone of confidence and self-motivation from a heart-based perspective, and promotes independence and enthusiasm.

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Kyanite on Quartz; One of my favorite stones-Kyanite! It ALIGNS ALL OF THE CHAKRAS AUTOMATICALLY AND IMMEDIATELY WITH NO CONSCIOUS DIRECTION. NEVER needs cleansed. Helps in decision-making, dream-solving, assists in dispelling confusion from emotional, spiritual and intellectual issues.

Atacamite: Cu2Cl(OH) a halide mineral. Atacamite activates and stimulates spiritual connection and visualisation. Atacamite raises consciousness to highest levels of vibration when used in meditation or held over the third eye. Atacamite can be used for astral travel and journeying and opens a channel for guidance and spiritual truths.

Why can't I ever draw straight lines if nature does it without eyes?

ATACAMITE Moonta Mines, Moonta, South Australia, Australia, Oceania a copper halide mineral: a copper(II) chloride hydroxide with formula Cu2Cl(OH)3.

Calcite (nailhead stalactite) from Hilton Mine, Cumbria #minerals #rocks #crystal

Aquamarine the stone of the mermaid, aquamarine is associated with the element of water, peace & the moon. It is a symbol of contentment, serenity and hope. One of the most useful gems for boosting the immune system, due to its cleansing properties, this water stone energizes the throat encouraging expression and communication. A cooling essence that inspires and softly allows verbal expression.

Stone Crystal Prism by MysticPrismStudio on Etsy

L’inchiostro ormai da tempo inutilizzato, aveva formato cristalli che ostruivano la fuoriuscita di un segno fluido che rallegrasse la pagina almeno con il suo colore. The ink had been long unused: so it had formed crystals that blocked the escape of fluid a sign that cheered the page at least with its color.

I used to "hunt" for these in my Grammie's backyard with my aunt Renee, I miss those days!!!