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Pig snoot sandwich. Tenderloin Grill. I think Ashlee who runs the place is my new food crush.

Vietnamese-style Grilled Beef Rolls with Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce #recipe

Fresh sea squirts from the Adriatic, off the coast of Trogir, #Croatia

Fire roasted anchovies with herb salt and olive oil

A stellar terrine of all things pig.

Almaty's Green Bazaar

With no natural predators in this part of the world beyond humans, the rapidly growing populations of lionfish may be one of the biggest environmental disasters these waters will ever face.

Chiles, Iquitos, Peru

Very large snails. And yes, they are delicious.

Fresh hibiscus in Panama

Chicken feet. Southern Vietnamese-style, split and grilled.

Pickled wild mushrooms ... Food in Central Asia might be world's most under rated.

Live cuttlefish

Prawns with butter and shoyu #hawaii

Santa Monica seafood

A guide to winter squash with recipes

Monster langoustine of Faroe Isles

Lunchtime in Faroe Isles

Local partridge seared for 30 seconds in brown butter. #Newfoundland

Newfoundland urchins for lunch

We pulled these Percebes from the rocks in staggering surf. #Portugal

Blue lobsters at Ramiro in Lisbon, #Portugal

7 Ways to Use Eggplant #recipes

Grubs from maguey crisping on the comal

Garlic Scapes: Garlic scapes — the flowering stalks of still-developing garlic bulbs — are typically available for a few weeks sometime between late May and early July. Source: Shutterstock